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The In Between 
Coming May 2023

Multimedia Lead

The In Between is an immersive experience my class is designing to showcase the transitional space a person's mind goes through during their last minutes of consciousness. As the Multimedia Lead, I am responsible for overseeing the creation of all digital assets and leading the marketing efforts for this project. My team and I are striving to create an unforgettable experience that takes the audience on a journey through a visual and sensory landscape that reflects the complex emotions and thoughts that occur in one's final moments. Through innovative technology and artistic vision, we hope to offer a unique perspective on the beauty and mystery of the human mind and its journey beyond life.

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As a TXI Fellow and Multimedia Lead, I am responsible for developing the brand book for "The In Between" project. This means that I am tasked with establishing the creative and visual guidelines that will shape the overall aesthetic and messaging of the project. My goal is to ensure that all designs, whether they are creative or logistical, are consistent and in line with the brand identity we have established. My role is critical in maintaining the integrity and coherence of the project's visual identity and ensuring that it remains on brand throughout the entire experience. By overseeing the brand book and ensuring that all designs are on-brand, I am helping to create a seamless and immersive experience for the audience.

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